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656 Double Wire Mesh Fence Powder Coated Security Fencing


656 Double Wire Mesh Fence Powder Coated Security Fencing

Product No.:2024318111052


Panel Height:650mm-2750mm

Panel Width:2500mm 2750mm 3000mm

Bending Style:50*200mm 55*200mm

Mesh Opening:50*200mm 55*200mm

Wire Diameter:656

Post Style:Square post

Post Height:dig in post ,bolt down post

Material:pre-galvanized wires

Finishing:Hot dipped galvanized,powder coated

Colour:All Ral Colours


Place of Origin:Anti-Cut and Anti-Climb

Size:Construction site, residential building, sports field

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656 Double Wire Mesh Fence Powder Coated Security Fencing

Our 656 double wire mesh fencing offers enhanced security and durability for various applications. This fencing consists of two horizontal wires of 6mm thickness, sandwiching a 5mm diameter vertical wire, creating a strong and formidable barrier.
Each panel has double horizontal wires, making it extremely difficult to cut through or deform. This robust construction ensures that our fencing stands up against attempted breaches and physical damage, providing a high level of security for your premises.
The design of the 656 double wire mesh fence also prioritizes safety and deterrence. While the mesh gaps are small enough to prevent intruders from getting a good foothold to climb, they are also wide enough to maintain visibility, ensuring that the area behind the fence is visible and can be monitored.

What is included in 656 double wire mesh fence kit ?

Our 656 double wire fence kit contains the following items:
. 656 double wire mesh fence panel
. squre post or retanglar post
. flat bar for installation
. bolt and nut

Posts Types

We have dig-in and bolt down posts to fit the 656 mesh fence.And that makes this mesh fence ideal for both soft ground and hard ground areas.
For installations in softer terrains such as grass or soil, our dig-in posts are the ideal solution. We need to anchore these posts securely into the ground. To install, simply dig a hole to the required depth, place the post, and then use our fast-setting post mix to secure it in place, ensuring a sturdy and reliable foundation for your fencing.
Conversely, for areas with harder surfaces like concrete or asphalt, our bolt-down posts are the perfect fit. Each post comes with a 200x200mm base plate with four pre-drilled holes. To install, use ground anchors to attach the post directly to the surface, creating a robust and stable structure. We offer both standard and resin ground anchors to cater to different preferences and security needs.

Avaiable Finishing

Our 656 double wire mesh fencing is available in two finishes: a standard galvanised option or a premium powder coating. The powder-coated finish enhances the fence's aesthetic appeal while providing an extra layer of protection against the elements and everyday wear and tear.
Our standard powder coating colours include Green, Blue, Black, Red, Grey, and Brown. These colours can complement a variety of environments and preferences. However, if you're looking for a more personalized touch, we're pleased to offer custom powder coating services. Please contact us with your specific colour requirements, and we will strive to meet your needs.

black 656 double wire mesh fence  green 656 double wire mesh fence 
blue 656 double wire mesh fence 

Where Can 656 Double Wire Mesh Eence Be Used?

The 656 double wire  fence is versatile and robust, making it suitable for a variety of applications. 
Industrial Areas
Commercial Premises
Schools and Playgrounds
Public Areas and Parks
Sports Fields and Arenas
Residential Areas

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