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China 868 Double Wire Fence|High Strength And Long Lifespan


China 868 Double Wire Fence|High Strength And Long Lifespan

Product No.:2024316203920


Panel Height:2.4m

Panel Width:3.0m

Mesh Opening:50*100mm 50*150mm 50*200mm

Wire Diameter:868

Material:pre-galvanized wires

Finishing:Hot-Dipped Or Electric Powder Coated

Colour:All Ral Colours


Place of Origin:High rigidity ,longer lifespan

Size:Garden, factories, airport, etc

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1. What is China 868 double wire fence?

The China 868 double wire fence features a robust design, integrating a 6mm diameter vertical steel wire pressed between two parallel 8mm diameter horizontal steel wires. This structure significantly challenges standard tools' cutting capabilities, effectively deterring intruders. Additionally, the design complicates climbing attempts, enhancing site security.

2.Materials of 868 mesh fence

The China 868 double wire fence consists of materials designed for durability and longevity. Primarily, manufacturers use pre-galvanized steel, ensuring a strong foundation resistant to corrosion. Over this, they apply a powder coating, usually in prevalent colors of black and green, although other color options are available to fit different settings. This powder coating process, often referred to as plastic spraying, provides a thick, uniform layer that meets specific industry standards for durability and weather resistance. The choice of plastic powder in this process is crucial, as it directly impacts the fence's resistance to weathering effects, vandalism, and overall longevity. Typically, the standard for the thickness of this layer aligns with established quality and durability requirements, ensuring the fence remains robust and aesthetically pleasing over time.

3.Posts that is used for installation

The China 868 double wire fence offers two types of posts for installation: dig in and bolt down. Dig in posts require digging holes and using post mix for support, making them a popular choice for various terrains. Bolt down posts come with a base plate designed to attach to hard surfaces like concrete with ground anchor bolts. This option is perfect for environments like car parks, where digging is impractical or undesired.

4.Clips and clamps

5.comparison with 656 545 double wire fence

The china 868 double wire fence has several advantages compared to the 656 and 545 types:

Increased Strength and Durability: The 868 fence uses thicker wires, with 8mm horizontal wires compared to the 6mm and 5mm horizontal wires in the 656 and 545 fences, respectively. This makes the 868 type more robust and better suited to withstand physical stress and attempted breaches.

Longer Lifespan: The increased thickness of the 868 fence's wires also contributes to a longer lifespan, as it is more resistant to the effects of weathering and wear and tear over time.

Higher Rigidity: The double wire configuration, especially with thicker wires, gives the 868 fence superior rigidity and stability, making it less likely to deform or bend under pressure compared to the 656 and 545 fences.

6.Others types of china 868 double wire fence

The China 868 double wire fence, besides its standard flat design, can also be transformed into an 868 decorative fence. This version maintains the robust structure of the original while adding aesthetic elements, enhancing the fence's visual appeal without compromising security.

7.A popular choice for a wide range of settings

The China 868 double wire fence is versatile, serving various applications due to its robustness, security features, and aesthetic adaptability. Its application range includes:

Industrial Areas: Due to its high security, the fence is ideal for protecting industrial properties, warehouses, and factories from unauthorized access and theft.

Commercial Premises: Shopping centers, office buildings, and business parks use the 868 double wire fence for perimeter security while maintaining an appealing appearance.

Public Spaces: Parks, zoos, and recreational areas benefit from this type of fencing as it provides safety without obstructing views and can be adapted to fit natural surroundings.

Educational Institutions: Schools and universities choose the 868 double wire fence to secure their boundaries and provide a safe environment for students and staff.

Residential Areas: Gated communities and private residences appreciate the blend of high security and aesthetic design that the 868 decorative fence offers.

Environmental Barriers: Areas requiring protection from wildlife or unauthorized dumping can employ this fence for its durability and minimal maintenance.

China 868 double wire fence used in Commercial Premises
China 868 double wire fence installed in Residential Areas
China 868 double wire fence used as Environmental Barriers

China 868 double wire fence caters to Industrial Areas
China 868 double wire fence is ideal for public Spaces
China 868 double wire fence is popular in Educational Institutions

The China 868 double wire fence's flexibility in design and application makes it a popular choice for a wide range of settings that require a balance between security, durability, and aesthetic appeal.

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