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3d Crimped Mesh Fencing With Peach Posts


3d Crimped Mesh Fencing With Peach Posts

Product No.:202448142931


Panel Height:1500mm 1800mm 2100mm 2400mm

Panel Width:2500mm 3000mm

Bending Style:V-shaped bending

Mesh Opening:50*100mm 50*150mm 50*200mm

Wire Diameter:4.0mm 5.0mm 6.0mm

Post Style:Peach post

Material:Low carbon steel wire,galvanized wire

Finishing:PVC Coating

Colour:All Ral Colours


Place of Origin:Hebei

Features:Easy installing

Application:Garden, House, Field,Park

Package:standard packaging

OEM/ODM Service:Available

Warrenty:10 years

  • Details

3D Crimped Mesh Fencing is very favorable for the users. Using high quality steel as raw material, the welded panel body is very plain and strong resistance strength. This kind of products enjoy have the characteristics of corrosion-resisting, durable and withstanding outdoor exposure.Many families are using 3D panel fence as their walls and also very durable and easy for installation.

3D Crimped Mesh Fencing Panel

Welded mesh panel
Hole size
50mmx100mm ,50mmx200mm , 50mmx75mm
Wire diameter
Panel size
1.8mx3m ,three or four bends
Post size
40mmx60mm ,50mmx50mm
Wall thickness
Fence color
Dark green ,grass green ,red ,white ,black ,blue and yellow ect.
Customization accepted .
* Material: Low carbon steel wire Q195 Q235 * Processing mode: welded * Panel Classification:   I. Black wire welded mesh + pvc coated; II. Galvanized welded mesh + pvc coated; III. Hot dipped galvanized welded mesh + pvc coated. (PVC coated colors: dark green, light green, blue, yellow, white, black, orange and red, etc.)

Peach Posts for 3D crimped mesh fencing

1.Peach Post Wire Mesh Fence Material:
high quality low carbon steel wireQ235,Q195 , S235J2
2.Peach Post Wire Mesh Fence Colors:
green(RAL6005), white(RAL9010), gery(RAL7004)yellow(RAL1021), black (RAL9005), blue(RAL5005), etc as your request
3.Peach Post Wire Mesh Fence Common specification:

Specification of wire mesh fence

Wire Fence Details

Wire diameter

3-5mm(powder spraying); 3-5mm before coating, 4-6mm after coating ( pvc coated).

H x W (mm)

Height from 0.63-2.4mm, width 2m,2.5m,3.0m

Opening (mm)


PVC coated thickness (mm)

1.0mm for above 3mm wire; 0.8mm-0.9mm for 3mm or thinner wire

Peach Post

50x70x1.2mm, 70x100x1.2mm , post height goes with panel height.

Surface treatment

Wire mesh panel: galvanized + pvc coated, gal. + powder spraying

Post: galvanized + powder spraying.

How to install peach post with 3d  crimped mesh fencing


  1. Layout

    • Determine the fence line and mark the positions where the peach posts will be installed. Ensure there is equal spacing between posts according to the width of your mesh panels.
  2. Digging Post Holes

    • Use a post hole digger or an auger to dig holes for the peach posts. The depth should be approximately one-third of the height of the post for stability, and the width should be three times the diameter of the post.
  3. Installing Peach Posts

    • Prepare Concrete: Mix concrete according to the manufacturer's instructions.
    • Install Posts: Place the first peach post in its hole. Use a level to ensure it's straight and aligned properly.
    • Add Concrete: Pour concrete around the post, leaving a few inches from the top of the hole. Check again for vertical alignment.
    • Let it Set: Allow the concrete to set according to the recommended time, which is usually at least 24 hours.

  4. Attaching the 3D Crimped Mesh Panels

    • Position the Panel: With the peach posts securely in place and the concrete set, position the first 3D crimped mesh panel against the posts.
    • Attach the Panel: Use clamps and bolts to secure the panel to the posts. The unique profile of peach posts allows for secure attachment of the mesh. Make sure the panel is level and adjust as necessary before fully tightening the bolts.
    • Continue with Remaining Panels: Repeat the process for each panel along the fence line, ensuring they are all securely attached and aligned.

  5. Finishing Touches

    • After all the panels are installed, inspect the fence for any loose sections and tighten as necessary.
    • If needed, trim any excess length from the mesh panels with wire cutters for a clean finish.

3D Crimped Fencing Advantages:

1) Fence posts made with concrete pouring, with low cost.
2) High strength, good overall stability.
3) Color plastic coating/spraying layer has a good anti-corrosion and decorative effect.
4) The fence perimeter has a harmony and good outlook.

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