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3D metal fence panels with V-shaped bending curves


3D metal fence panels with V-shaped bending curves

Product No.:20231215191029


Panel Height:1240mm-2440mm

Panel Width:Maximum 3025mm

Bending Style:V-shaped bending

Mesh Opening:on request

Wire Diameter:30mm-6.0mm

Post Style:Peach-shaped , square ,rectangular or round posts

Material:Low carbon galvanized wire

Finishing:PVC coated or powder coated

Size:Construction site, residential building, sports field

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3D metal fence panels are made of high quality low carbon galvanized wire connected to metal posts with clamps. Our welded wire fences has V-shaped bending curves, which makes them durable and attractive. The grid structure offers a good visibility of the territory and having a high degree of rigidity.The sturdy and sleek fence panel is perfect choice for security protection in gardens,construction site, residential building, sports field,airport service area, railway station, etc.

Product features:

- Made of galvanized wire.
- Bending makes the panel reinforced.
- Grid structure makes the broad vision.
- The color diversity.
- A variety of specifications .
- Affordable price ratio and easy to install.

Specification of 3D Metal Fence Panels

1、Material: high quality galvanized wire or low carbon steel wire
2、Wire Diameter: 3 mm - 6 mm.
3、Length: 2.5 m or 3.0 m.
4、Height: 0.5m - 2.4m, depending on your usage needs.
5、Mesh Opening: 50 mm x 100 mm, 55 mm x 100 mm, 50 mm x 200 mm, 55 mm x 200mm etc.
6、Treatment: hot dipped galvanized, PVC coated after galvanized or powder coated after galvanized

Metal Fence Panels

The width of panels are 3025 mm  and heights range from 1240 mm to 2440 mm. Mesh sizes vary to a maximum 50 mm x 50 mm making it impossible for a hand to pass through. Panels has 3 mm high tensile wire and have pressed ‘V’ beams which contain additional 4 mm wires to give increased strength and rigidity.


3D metal fence panes can be connected with different posts, such as, peach-shaped posts. square posts. rectangular posts. round posts. Composition fence,strong and durable. not restricted by the terrain. easy to install.

Surface Treatment of 3D Fence Panel

• Hot Dipped Galvanized 3D Fence Panel:

Through the Hot dipped galvanizing process after welding, a protective layer is formed on the steel surface. And this coating can effectively prevent oxidation corrosion and prolong the service life of steel.

• PVC Coating (Plastic Coating) 3D Fence Panel or Powder Coating 3D Fence Panel:

We choose high quality powder for spraying, which combines with the galvanized layer on the steel surface to form a more effective protective layer. It can better prevent the steel from oxidation and corrosion, Therefore, our fencing system can stay beautiful and strong for a longer time, and this treatment will make the fence more beautiful.

Details of 3D metal fence panels:

3D fence panels will go through three strict inspections, raw material inspection, first sample and process inspection, and pre-packing inspection. Customers can also hire third-party organizations conduct the inspection. Meanwhile, GLORY FENCE company provides free samples and technical guidance.

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