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Tips On Buying Double Wire Mesh Fence

Tips On Buying Double Wire Mesh Fence

If you want to buy double wire mesh fence,here's some tips you should know.These tips will help you to find the mesh fence that meet you needs.
1.Specifications Of Double Wire Mesh Fence
Firstly you should know is the fence panel,like height,width,mesh opening,wire diameter,ect.Generally,the panels come in two types 868 and 656 double wire mesh fence.You can refer the following
mesh size:          50*200mm  55*200mm
Wire Thickness: 8/6/8mm   6/5/6mm
Height:               630mm  830mm 1030mm 1230mm 1430mm  1630mm 1830mm 2030mm 2230mm 2430mm 
Width:                 2500mm   2750mm   3000mm

2.What Kind Of Posts Do You Use?
The double wire mesh fence typically utilizes specific post specifications to ensure stability and durability of the overall structure. The specifications can vary based on the manufacturer and the specific application, but here are some common dimensions:

★Square Posts: Typical sizes for these posts can include 60x60 mm, 80x80 mm, or 100x100 mm, with thicknesses usually ranging from 1.5 mm to 3 mm. They are suitable for providing high strength and stability, especially in areas with strong winds or harsh usage conditions.
Rectangular Posts: Common dimensions might be 40x60 mm, 60x80 mm, or larger, depending on the fence height and security requirements. They offer additional stability and are suitable for taller fences or those requiring a higher level of security.
Round Posts: These posts generally have diameters like 48 mm, 60 mm, or 76 mm, and are used in situations where smooth edges and aesthetic appearances are desired.
Additionally,we usually have two kinds of posts :dig-in post and bolt down post.Dig-in post is 300mm-400mm longer than the panel.Bolt down post are designed with a plate base.The posts can suit different ground surface.
3.How Is Double Wire Mesh Fence Finished?
For our double wire mesh fence, we offer two types of surface treatments to meet different environmental and aesthetic requirements. The first method involves hot-dip galvanizing of low carbon steel wire, providing strong resistance against rust and corrosion. The second option is a galvanized wire with a powder coating finish. This method not only adds an extra layer of protection but also allows for customization in color to match the surrounding environment or personal preferences. The choice of color and how it complements the setting is ultimately decided by the customer.

4.Ways Of Installation
We offer a variety of different installation methods, equipped with different types of clamps and clips.

5.Price And MOQ
When you are looking to purchase a double wire mesh fence, it is essential to determine the quantity, as we have a minimum order requirement. Prices will vary based on the quantity ordered. For specific pricing details, please contact us.
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