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Clear View Fencing Price Lists Glory Fence


Clear View Fencing Price Lists Glory Fence

Product No.:20245615189


Panel Height:900mm, 1000mm, 1100mm, 1200mm, etc

Panel Width:2.4m 3.0m

Bending Style:V-shaped bending

Mesh Opening:12.7mm*76.2mm

Wire Diameter:3.0mm 3.5mm 4.0mm

Material:Low carbon steel tube,galvanized tube

Finishing:Electric galvanized and powder coated

Colour:All Ral Colours

Accessories:Metal Cape,Spider Clamp,Plat bar

Features:anti-rust,not corrosion

Application:Garden, House, Villa, Park

Package:standard packaging

OEM/ODM Service:Available

Warrenty:10 years

Supply Ability:2000 pieces per month

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Clear View Fencing Price Can Be Determined By Several Factors

1.Security Level: Clear view fencing comes in various security levels.The higher the security level required, the higher the clear view fencing price is . The security level depending on the aperture:
Security Level Mesh Size (mm)
High Security Fence 76.2 x 12.7
Medium Security Fence 76.2 x 25
Low Security Fence 76.2 x 50

1.high security clear view fencing
2.medium security clear view fencing
3.low security clear view fencing
2.Height: Taller fences generally require more materials and labor to install, thus affecting the overall price.The height ranges from  1.2m to 2.4m.
3.Wire Diameter: Thicker wire diameters typically enhance the fence's strength and durability, but they can also increase material costs.
Horizontal Wire (mm) Vertical Wire (mm)
3 4
3.5 3.5
4 4

4.Finishing: The type of finishing including galvanization or powder coating. Both of them can affect both the aesthetics and durability of the fence.

Finishing Option Description
Low-carbon steel wire + Hot-dip galvanized Using low-carbon steel wire and then undergoes a hot-dip galvanization process.
Pre-galvanized wire + Powder coating The wire  is pre-galvanized with a layer of zinc before fabrication. After fabrication, the fence is thenclear view fencing with shark-teeth spikes coated with a layer of powder coating. The coating provides additional protection and can be customized for color .
5.Types of Posts: The choice of posts, commonly we use pre-galvanized posts.

RHS or SHS post
H post
C post

I post T post tapper post
6.Additional Extensions: Extensions for barbed wire, razor wire, shark -teeth spikes can enhance security. But they will also add to the overall cost.

clear view fencing with barbed wire
clear view fencing with razor wire
clear view fencing with shark-teeth spikes

The price of high security  fencing :aperture 76.2m

Height (m) Price Range per Meter (ZAR)
1.2 500 - 900
1.5 600 - 1100
1.8 700 - 1300
2.1 800 - 1500
2.4 900 - 1700

The price of medium security  fencing :aperture 76.2mm*25mm
Height (m) Price Range per Meter (ZAR)
1.2 400 - 700
1.5 500 - 900
1.8 600 - 1100
2.1 700 - 1300
2.4 800 - 1500
The price of low security fence : aperture 76.2mm*50mm
Height (m) Price Range per Meter (ZAR)
1.2 350 - 650
1.5 450 - 800
1.8 550 - 1000
2.1 650 - 1200
2.4 750 - 1400
These estimates are based on typical pricing variations and factors such as material quality, aperture size, installation requirements, and market fluctuations. Actual prices may vary.

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