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Clear VU Fencing High Security Fence In Africa


Clear VU Fencing High Security Fence In Africa

Product No.:202441511404


Panel Height:1500mm 1800mm 2100mm 2400mm

Panel Width:2500mm 2900mm

Bending Style:V-shaped bending

Mesh Opening:12.7mm*76.2mm

Wire Diameter:4.0mm 3.0mm

Post Style:SHS,RHS,C post

Material:Low carbon steel wire,galvanized wire

Finishing:Hot-Dipped Or Electric Powder Coated

Colour:All Ral Colours

Accessories:Cape,Spider Clamp,Plat bar

Place of Origin:Hebei

Features:anti-climb,anti-cut,high security

Application:Garden, House, Villa, Walkway

Package:standard packaging

OEM/ODM Service:Available

Warrenty:10 years

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Clear VU fencing is also known as a "high-security fence" or "anti-climb fence," is a specialized security barrier known for its robustness and anti-climb properties. It is the ultimate heavy-duty welded mesh panel providing the highest security with excellent see through visibility. It has a toe and finger-proof profile. With a spacing specification of 75mm x 12.5mm, fingers and toes can't go through.

Details of Clear VU Fencing

Our steel security fencing comes with the best anti-climb specifications, rubber blocks and clips. Gates and hinges are available to the same high specification, along with security barriers, This metal fencing is ideal for protecting no-go areas and as perimeter security fencing at public and private events.

Material: Often manufactured from galvanized steel or stainless steel, offering corrosion resistance and durability. Posts and Fixings: Supported by sturdy posts and fixings to secure the panels firmly in place.

Mesh Configuration: Consists of a mesh pattern with closely spaced horizontal and vertical wires, typically with a mesh size of 76.2 mm (3 inches) by 12.7 mm (0.5 inches).

Wire Diameter: Both horizontal and vertical wires have a significant diameter, usually around 4 mm (8 gauge) or greater, providing strength and rigidity.

Finish: Typically comes with a galvanized finish for corrosion resistance and can be optionally powder-coated for additional protection and aesthetics.


Clear VU fencing
Mesh Configuration
76.2 mm (3 inches) by 12.7 mm (0.5 inches)
Wire Diameter
Approximately 4 mm (8 gauge) or greater
Anti-Climb Design
Small mesh apertures and strong wires
Panel Dimensions
Height: 2.4 meters to 3 meters; Width: 2 meters to 3 meters
Galvanized Steel or Stainless Steel
Posts and Fixings
Sturdy components for securing panels
Galvanized (optional powder-coating)
Prisons, Military Compounds, Airports, Critical Infrastructure

What Makes Clear VU Fence Stand Out?

Effective Deterrence:The 358 security fence system is designed to present a strong barrier against attack, featuring heavy welded wire panels that deters vandalism and break-ins, while offering critical visibility.
Anti-Cut & Anti-Climb:358 security mesh protects against both cutting and climbing, with heavy gauge mesh and small mesh openings that resist common cutting tools and hand or foot hold.

Long Service Life:High quality galvanized steel and aluminum components provide for long service life. This system is also available with a super-durable powder coating, protecting the fence and gates from weather and UV aging.

Clear VU Fencing Are Popular In Africa

Widely used in high-security areas such as prisons, military compounds, airports, and critical infrastructure facilities where maximum security is essential.

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